Tito Mboweni brags about having dinner with a young lawyer


Minister of finance, Tito Mboweni is having a dinner with a young lady for a change. Our hard working Minister is always having dinner alone, today he has a company.

His hard work and dedication inspired many people, that's why everyone wants to be close to minister to learn more about life. He is not living a lavish lifestyles, that says a lot about him. Maybe his line of work made him focus more on savings money than anything else. He doesn't like fancy food or drinks, he likes a normal life like an ordinary citizen. Don't forget that this man used to cook tin fish and mopani worms for dinner. This means that Tito Mboweni practices what he preaches

He said the youth should take over from the old generation and I fully agree with him on that matter. Maybe today tin fish was not on the menu, otherwise the young lawyer won't come back again.

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