Man Dumps Girlfriend After Telling Her To Resign From Her Job To Avoid Harassment From Her Boss


A popular story has been trending on Twitter of a man who dumped his girlfriend after advising her to quit her job.

It started as she noticed some harassment from her boss. He took interest in her which wasn't supposed to be and she wasn't comfortable with it. She then told her boyfriend about it and sought for advice.

He advised her to quit her job to avoid further harassment. She thought about it and it seemed like a good advice. She went ahead to quit her job.

This happened in December and by January, her boyfriend got engaged to someone else.

These events didn't really seem connected to each other. She was right to quit her job, with or without her boyfriend's advice to avoid harassment in her work place.

Her boyfriend getting engaged to someone else barely a month after she quit her job, and when he was still in a relationship with the lady who had quit her job, wasn't right at all. It showed he was double dating and decided to dump her so fast for whatever reasons.

Many surprisingly bashed the lady and preferred she stayed back at the job and suffer further harassment.

He didn't break up because she quit her job though.

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