Things You Should Stop After Marriage

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After marriage,there are some of the things that we should stop doing in order to make your marriage to move smoothly.Now here are the things that we should avoid ourselves from after marriage.

1.You should stop a lot of lies in marriage.This will sound better because lies in marriage will bring conflict.

2.You should stop engaging yourself in some bad groups in the society in order to have time to work for the family but not groups.

3.You should stop bad behavior like drinking alcohol and using other drugs so that your children will not learn bad behaviors from you as a parent.

4.One should stop engaging him or herself in love relationships and have only one relationship.Engaging in this love relationships will bring desease to the family that you love.

5.One should also stop dressing like a teenage person and dress like a marriage person.This will make one to know that he or she has no time for dressing badly.

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