Kumasi Kejetia new market flooded after torrential rains


Kumasi Kejetia is one of lthe leading markets centres in Ghana. People from all walks of life go there to trade. Previously Kumasi was named the Garden city due to how beautiful the city was, but the name gradually is fading as a result of bad habits of some residents. It will amaze you of how some people throw gabbage around to litter the beautiful Ashanti Kingdom. The traders though were lucky to have been given a modern market to ply their trade, but has turned a different story as the market gets flooded anytime there is a downpour. Today's downpour that lasted for 20 mins maximum within the kumasi metropolis has exposed the poor engineering works of the contractor who constructed the multi million dollar new kumasi city market. The question that comes to mind is when will the authorities hold people accountable for the shoddy work done?

Will they continue to give contract to their cronies who have no idea of what it takes to develop the cities?

Well, you the reader will be the best to judge .

Some of the traders who spoke to Angel FM news reporter Bissmark Mensah blamed the contractor and the city authorities for not doing enough to stop this perinial flooding bedeviling the Kejetia Market.

CindyKoomson newshub-gh@operanewshub.com