Makhadzi finds love again after breakup with master KG

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She keeps her fans and adherents on the dance floor; her melodies make the whole nation dance; she is revered by many, in spite of singing her tunes in TshiVena; she is basically a hit creator; she has a huge after; and she has found love; she is infatuated. 

Ndivhudzannyi 'Makhadzi' Raivhona, most popular for her hit Haka Maorokisi, is joyous beyond words and you can detect that affection is noticeable all around; she is cheerful and needn't bother with anybody's consent for her pleasure. 

The Limpopo Dance Sovereign shared photographs of herself having an outing with her accomplice, and they seemed, by all accounts, to be making some acceptable memories. Without a doubt, her fans are mitigated to see her affection life is improving after the misfortune she experienced Expert KG. 

Individuals in Limpopo, especially in Venda, used to allude to Dominate KG as 'Mukwasha' (Child in Law) when it was expected that the two were dating, however Expert KG clarified that he had no other relationship with her than an expert one. 

Makhadzi has at last found the bliss she expounded on in one of her melodies, and she is enamored.

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