Yorubas and Igbos are busy with bbnaija and the Northerners will keep on holding power: Jaruma says

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Renowned Nigerian intimacy therapist, Jaruma is currently trending after sharing a controversial post on social media.

She spoke on the concerns of different tribes in the country.

Taking to her Instagram page, the socialite spoke on how the northerners in the country keep planning to hold on to power.

Not stopping there, Jaruma said that the Igbos and Yorubas in the country are giving more attention to BBNaija unlike their northern counterparts.

Jaruma has also joked telling people not to beat themselves up when she becomes Petroleum minister. Photos: @jaruma_empire.

In the controversial post, Jaruma said people would want to beat themselves up when they see her get appointed as the minister of petroleum and finance an Gulder ultimate search is also coming to distract the Igbos and Yorubas.

This has come following the just concluded bbnaija show where white money was declared winner and the post has attracted a lot of opinions.

See Instagram post below:

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