After revealing their salary, the owner of this massive house left everyone speechless

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He said his name was Mariba Nditsheni Steven and he left Manny South Africans completely dumbfounded. This comes after he shared photos of his home with a Facebook house group and then revealed his salary. Inflation has made it difficult for people to save money owing to rising prices, and as a result, people were left speechless when this man revealed his meager wage while yet managing to construct such a massive home.

Despite earning only R5000 per month, this man was able to construct his ideal home. This house is not finished, but there are only a few things left, as seen in the photos. "With a salary of R5000, I'm still pushing to finish this house," he wrote.

Facebook users rushed to the comment section to express their outrage at this man's ability to build such a house on such a tiny salary. "It makes no difference how much you get. It necessitates a great deal of foresight and planning. Best of luck! "A user penned a message. Another inspired user wrote, "That's fantastic, congratulations my brother."

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