Ghanaians React To What A Lady Wore To A Wedding That Got Some People Talking

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Ghanaians React To What A Lady Wore To A Wedding That Got Some People Talking.

Good evening my fellow Ghanaians.

Today reports came concerning the dress a lady worn to a wedding that got some people talking and this article is about how Ghanaians react concerning the issue.

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Is it proper for a girl to costume in an indecent way to a wedding?

Sometimes we frequently see so many matters on social media platforms and this particular one struck my attention. It was posted on Facebook and the put up is about dressing in an indecent manner to a wedding.

A lady with the name Vivian Chizobaposted in a group on Facebook called IGBO RANT (BY WISDOM ATASIE) about how a female dressed in an indecent way to a wedding.

She lamented why she would gown that way and requested if she wishes to confuse the groom (husband).

She introduced that the men cover their bodies, while some girls do the opposite.

See her photos:

When I saw this, I tried to put myself in the footwear of the bride whose wedding ceremony she attended and I imagined how she would sense seeing a girl dressed in such a manner.

Meanwhile, see some Reactions from Ghanaians:

This has sparked up a lot of reactions, with countless female saying that they might not allow a female to costume this way to their wedding.

I wish people could emulate the act of decency so that instances like this will be reduced.

As a bride, would you allow this kind of woman dressed in this manner to grace your wedding? As a groom, will you be cozy seeing this form of the girl dressed this way on your wedding day?

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