Cartels And Fraudsters Preying On Retirees TSC Warns

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Teachers service commission has admitted that fraud at the commission has been taking different shape and form with pension, teachers recruitments,promotions and transfers, being the most vulnerable process used by cartels.

Teachers service commission chief executive officer Nancy Macharia has said that previously the syndicate involved individuals from the national treasury and some rogue employees at the commission.

Macharia further added that after the commission changed its operations with the view to curb the spread influence of fraudulent networks,it would appear that the perpetrators were always a step ahead.

"It is true there were cartels between us and the national treasury.No matter how much we announce that services are free, people still pay for something that should be done free" Nancy Macharia said.

However the teacher employee blames teachers for ignoring the commission's frequent warnings against engaging anyone the laid down procedure while processing pension benefits or any other services at the teachers service commission.

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