Thursday must-win fixtures of 504 odds-Analysis

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Portugal vs turkey

Analyst of this much is somehow exciting .Looking at the clean sheet as surveyed for the home team, they have the highest of 50% when compared with the visiting team which in there struggling effort can only place a clean sheet of 20% in comparison to hosting team. Both teams have equalized in terms of matches they failed to put in place atleast a goal. Surveying the goals they conceded, the visiting team has a higher rating. Portugal is of more interest as they have been in high spirit of scoring goals giving a range of 0.4 on goals scored.winning rate of the two teams is very impressive since there is somehow big range of about 20% as the home team being the best. To my view portugal have higher possibility of taking. a lead in this march.

Prediction portugal to win

Hungary vs serbia

Serbia has been in high spirit of putting on a clean sheet on the matches they played which is contrast to the host. Home team have conceded more goals than the visiting team. Serbia is of most interest as they are at the best position of winning as they have much more winning rate compared to home team.

Prediction; away team to win

Wales vs austria

Both of the teams to my analysis is that they have prevailed almost the same clean sheet but comparing the matches they failed to raise atleast one goal, the home team has higher rate.Austria is known to put a draw to most of its matches that is why they have higher rate of goals conceded than the hosting team. Austria also have put much effort to score atleast a goal in there journey of the tournament bringing higher goals scored rating than the home team .since austria has the higher winning rate and home team are not ready to give in, we expect the goals scored to be less than 4.

Prediction; u3.5

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