Derrick Kobina Bonney Reunites With Akuapim Poloo

Derrick Kwabina Boney known in Showbiz as DKB has dropped his police actions against actresses Akuapim Polo. Akuapim Polo accused DKB of gathering 4,000 Ghana Cedis in her name but the comedian has not given her anything yet. This accusation made DKB take legal actions against the actress but he has now forgiven her and dropped the legal case.

“The extent to which I went to support is the same extent to which I will drag you. It go over you.” Derrick Kwabina Boney wrote and posted his police statement with it. DKB claimed that some respected individuals like Dr. reached out to him and ask him to forgive Akuapim Polo. DKB said Polo’s mother called one of the people he respected so much and cried to him and that also touched his so much. DKB said this in an Instagram video he posted. He is no more following her on social media and he has blocked her on WhatsApp