HAPPENING NOW: Horrific Accident Along Naivasha Road As An Exhauster Hits A Lorry Head-On collision


A horrific clash between an exhauster and a Lorry in Naivasha near Uthiru has cast a pall on the country as Uthiru residents have experienced a fatal accident where a speeding exhauster that lost brakes hit head-on with an oncoming lorry.

According to the reports as shared on Sikika ROAD safety Facebook page, the were no casual injuries reported at the time of publication of the post on Facebook as the police have started an impromptu investigation to establish the cause of the accident.

"Happening now at Naivasha road near Uthiru...exhauster has lost brakes hitting an oncoming lorry head-on collision... We are following up" Sikika Road Safety shared the story.

Below are the photos from the scene as shred on Sikika ROAD Safety Facebook page:

This comes barely a month after a similar fatal accident occurred in Bumala, Busia County where a tank transporting fuel lost control and hit an electric pole although there were no casual injuries reported.

What do you think the government should do to reduce such accidents? Who to blame for such accidents?

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