"We Will Be Swearing Him In As Our Fifth President" Magret Wanjiru Speaks On The Next President


Bishop Magret Wanjiru has called upon the Kiambu residents to continue praying for the Kenyan deputy as he approaches the 2022 election period.

She further added that William Ruto will emerge victorious next year and he will be sworn in as the 5th president of Kenya.

"we are blessed to have a deputy president that can go in to scriptures, God willing and God helping us by next year, we will be swearing him in as our fifth president and for myself with a great anointing God has given me we are going to take over Nairobi as the Nairobi Governor." She stated.

Magret predicted that she will also take over as the Nairobi governor come 2022 elections. According to her statement she urged Kenyans to thank the almighty for having given them a deputy president that is able and ready to attend church services so as to speak and worship with the people.


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