We Are Happy That The President Agrees with Us: Asiedu Nketia


The National Democratic Congress is the current largest opposition political party in Ghana. Today, they held a press conference at their national headquarters. The main person who made the address was Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress and member of the Parliamentary Committee of Ghana.

After he finished addressing the issues for which they called for the press conference, Sammy Gyamfi gave the reporters who were present an opportunity to voice out any question that was bothering them. In response to the second question which concerned the attack on the judiciary, Asiedu Nketia stated emphatically that the judiciary is portraying certain characteristics which undermines their independence. According to him, he sees it right to identify the problems that are being encountered in the judiciary, and as a matter of fact, solve them. To him, this is the duty of every Ghanaian citizen.He went ahead to make reference on what Nana Addo once said, "We should be citizens, but not spectators." It is for this reason why he said that the President is in support of constant criticism the members of the National Democratic Congress places on the Judiciary.

This is what Asiedu Nketia said: "The second one is about the attack on the judiciary being dangerous to our democracy. Well if the judiciary is not independent, what are we supposed to do if judiciary is conducting itself to create an impression that they are not independent? So faced with the choice of pointing out what is wrong for it to be corrected and keeping quiet, which option will help our democracy? We have chosen the side of pointing out what is wrong, so that we will have an opportunity to correct it. We cannot keep quiet over something that we consider to be wrong about any state institution and indeed, we are happy that the president agrees with us about what we are doing. Because on January 7, he called us to be participants, not spectators. What does he mean by that? Participate in Governance. Your role as a citizen doesn't end with the voting. you must actively participate, criticize, monitor, give praise when praise is due."

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