Kasarani: Sheik's 'Distasteful' Prayers Leaves Kenyans Divided

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Kenyans are divided following a prayer that was prayed at the Azimio La Umoja held at Karasani.Nairobi county. The sheik who was leading the prayers uttered some words while indirectly attacking United Democratic Alliance movement party. The sheik urged Allah not to to give the 'Ufisadi Daima Alliance" victory in 2022.

"Tunakuomba Allah Wake Wafisadi wa Chama cha Ufisadi Daima Alliance , hawa no wafisadi, ni wauaji kuchoma Hadi makanisa" said the Sheik as he Prayed at Kasarani. His remarks have been criticized by those who are not supporting Azimio la Umoja lead by His Excellency Raila Odinga.

Raila will today announce of he will be in the ballot come 2022 vying for the top most position in the country. The function has been attended by different political leaders across the country. Raila's announcement is eargeelt awaited since this will be his last chance to come for presidency four vying four time unsuccessfully.

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