MOH Delivers Encouraging News Kenyans!


Today, Kenya Marks the 105 days since the first case was reported by the health authorities in the country. Since then, cases have been accelerating at a very high rate. One time, Cs Kagwe warned that if Kenya treats the COVID-19 disease as a normal disease, it will treat them abnormally. This has come to reality nowadays. In a country that coughing and sneezing were normal, today just try, the next minute you will find yourself in an isolation facility being a Suspected Covid-19 case awaiting to be in the statistics.

Currently, Kenya has recorded over 5300 Covid-19 cases. This comes even after strict measures have been implemented to curb the spread of the virus. Dusk to dawn curfew, cessation of movement, Ban of the mass gathering among others ate the restrictions that are already implemented in Kenya. As these measures come to their expiry date on 6th July 2020, Kenya must be well prepared to handle the COVID-19 disease if at all the country will be reopened.

Apart from the above-mentioned point, kenyans have a reason to celebrate the progress against the fight of the novel COVID-1 9 disease. Ministry of ICT in conjunction with Health Ministry has set up a teleconferencing facility accords the country to enable weekly webinars for the Covid-19 case management Knowledge sharing at national, regional and international level.

The Ministry of Health and that of ICT has come up with an electronic Medical Record COVID-19 Tracking system which will be used for Surveillance in Kenya. The Tracking system has two application, the web-based Covid-19 system and the tracking application based on the open-source Community Health Kit. The system comes in when the ministry is facing a great challenge in tracing the COVID-19 contacts where patients are giving wrong contacts Knowing or unknowingly.

Kenya becomes the first nation in the Eastern Africa region to endorse technology in COVID-19 cases management. This signals the victory Kenya has achieved so far in terms of disease management.