Spend your money wisely- Market women told

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Women operating businesses have been advised to avoid any wasteful spending so as to save more money to expand their economic activities.

Dr Cletus Agyenim Boateng of the Ghana Business School asked that they cut down on frivolous expenditure.

They needed to adopt the right business attitudes and best practices.

This entailed keeping proper books, sound financial management and saving their money with the bank.

That, he said, was the pathway to building strong and viable businesses.

It was the way to achieve profitability - increased returns on investment and to better their lives.

He gave the advice at a financial workshop held for traders and market women in the Kwadaso municipality.

The goal was to help them to have better understanding of the country’s economic environment to thrive.

The program was put together by the MP for the area, Dr Kingsley Nyarko.

The MP told the women to have confidence in themselves and work hard to live their dreams.

The sky should be their limit and they should refuse to be defined by stereotypes.

Self-confidence and the can-do it spirit, he added, were critical to women’s employment.

He would do everything he could to support them to create wealth and improve their living conditions.

Women are perceived to be people who have unlimited wants and needs. They always want to appear dapper and fashionable.

Some are also striving to achieve higher and greater heights.

There are women in higher places that every other woman with the right attitude, dedication and resolve could also reach.

Conscious efforts are being made to promote gender equality.

In sometimes past, women were stereotyped to be weak. They were exempted from accessing education and other opportunities.

But in recent times, women have been giving equal opportunity to compete with men in all spheres of life.

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