#End SARS protest: protesters, block Abuja Airport road, and other entries into federal capital.

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Today being 19th of October 2020,the ongoing END SARS continue in Nigeria. it has been two weeks now the protest is going on across nigeria. As Nigerian citizens are demand justice and change, to end SARS. And this has affected business activities in Abuja, Nigeria federal capital. as protesters rally around the major street of Abuja. Preventing movement in and out of the city.

Also, soldiers from the barrack we're deployed, to take control of the Nyanya and Maraba entry point into the city.

Protesters, block the Abuja roads with vehicle, so as to stop movement. today Abuja street and airport road, we're fully blocked no movement with some area of the city.

This movement of END SARS protest has is now breaking nigeria economy. and now the national assembly is busy passing budget, instead looking into the issue, facing the nation and it's economic sector.

See pictures below of protesters blocking Abuja Airport, roads and other entries.

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