The Way Ngingakhona: MJ Will Be Appearing On A New Show, But Viewers Are Not Happy About This

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The reality show The Way Ngingakhona has MJ as a cast member. He is referred to as a player by one of the characters on the show. He has a habit of changing women. He also changes men every now and then.

He has a child with a woman who is now his ex-girlfriend. He doesn't respect her, according to the audience. He adores his son, but he has declared on numerous occasions that he does not adore the mother of his child enough to marry her.

Viewers believe MJ's baby mama deserves so much better, and that she should leave him. He has been with so many people, and viewers would witness this on different episodes. He would basically sleep with someone new every time the crew visited a new place, and would have no regrets at all. Besides being bi-sexual, is seen as just a player. By the end of season two, he had already moved on with someone else, and they will apparently be on the cast of Temptations South Africa. 


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