"What Would You Do If I Told You I Like 15 Year Old Men?"


I am sure that in this life, everyone has questions or a question that they wish to ask people. But are never sure how to ask it or who to ask.

But because of social media and the evolving internet, people are able to project their feelings through these large platforms.

Without even worrying about what their followers might say about this. This is the instance of a lady who tweeted and asked what would people do if she told them she likes 15 year old men.

With twitter being a largely populated social media network, she got many retweets and likes on her tweet however not sure what people were saying about this.

Or most probably her question was not biased, because many people post rethorical questions on social media not expecting any answers but social media never leaves anything hanging at all. Believe that.

But clearly she had a point to make and a question that needed an answer, what would you say about about this?

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