A 21-year-old Physiotherapist Caused A Stir On Social Media, Here's Why

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On social media, a man recently sparked a stir by posting a photo of himself in his job attire. "Your 21-year-old Physiotherapist," he captioned the photograph. The comments received a mixed response.

According to some, the individual is lying about his age and should produce identification to verify he is, in fact, 21 years old. Others praised him for becoming a physiotherapist so young. People had a lot to say about it. See more reactions down below.

Opinion: There are individuals who are lucky enough to finish school earlier compared to the average student. 

Physiotherapists help people who have been wounded, ill, or incapacitated by providing mobility and exercise, manual treatment, education, and counseling. They keep people of all ages healthy by supporting patients with pain management and illness prevention.

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