Vocal Female Mt Kenya Leader Turns Up in Style for Church Service & Sends Clear Message to Kenyans

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Hon Cate Waruguru during the church service (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

As the election period is getting more closer, leaders have been urged to continue advocating for peaceful coexistence and unity no matter what the outcome will be.

Laikipia County Women representatives Hon Cate Waruguru turned up in style to a church service at PCEA Mahiga-ini where he worshipped with the congregants, and sent a clear message advocating for peace across the country.

"I joined the PCEA Mahiga-ini congregation for their morning service. A well delivered surmon on the power of Faith and trust in God.

I took the opportunity to urge the congregants to pray for a peaceful coexistence among Kenyans as the Country heads to the General elections." Hon Cate Waruguru wrote.

This is stunning note from Hon Cate Waruguru during this period when the country is headed towards the elections.

Take a look at some of the stunning photos of Hon Cate Waruguru during a church service:

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