Lil Wayne is the worst performer I will never pay to watch - Andy Dosty


Andy Dosty, the anchor for the morning show on hitz FM 103.9 in Accra, had so many things to say this Thursday morning that got the attention of many because of his caliber in the music and entertainment industry.

He started by saying how he would pay his last coin to watch Mary J Blige perform, as she is one of the finest performers this world has ever had. He added a few more names like R. Kelly, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliot, and other performers he would pay to watch any day.

He then dropped the bombshell by saying Lil Wayne is the worst performer he has ever seen. He based his opinion on one of his many performances of his hit song titled A Milli.

He went on to say that Lil Wayne just moved left to right and right to left in no particular fashion during his entire performance. But he added that the fans were singing along throughout his stage act.

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