Opinion : which of these is healthier? Running water(Well/Bore hole) or Sachet water(Pure water)?

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Water is life as people use to say maybe because its what we all can't do without a single day. Water plays a vital role in each and everyone's life but mind you if water can save you, do you believe it can also kill you if care is not taken? 

 That's a Big Question!

People say sachet water is the best water to take into our body because it is pure as it is being called(Pure water) forgotten that it also comes from a running tap which its source is either a Bolehole or a Well. Some even say it out loud that its only the poor people that drinks or take in Bole hole water or Well water and they are at high risk of death. 

There are some things which We all do not know about this so called Pure Water or Sachet Water which we take everyday!

After doing a lot of researches, I discovered a lot of things about the stored water which we take in everyday thinking its the most purified water that with it, we are at low risk from disease. No!

 Will all the test and findings attached with the research, Who noticed that when you store water in a bowl and you cover it for 2 or 3days, do you know how its going to look like? Its going to be clean at the top but the bottom of the water will be dirty and after throwing the water away, you will notice that the inside of the bowl will be slippery. Some may even have green colors at the bottom of the bowl. 

Now, that is a water stored in a bowl for some days. 

Talking about the water stored inside a sachet or bottle for some days without opening it until its being sold out to a consumer before it can be open. The water inside the sachet or bottle won't Show any sign of dirt inside of it because some chemicals have been added to it to purified it to stop it from having dirt in it. But there are some things which we don't know about the effect of the chemicals which are been put inside the water that are stored in a sachet or bottle for human consumption.

You may not know but the chemicals damage a lot of things in the human body system and we are not aware. Instead of us to go for check ups, we rather think of the pain we might be feeling as either stress, hunger or indigestion not knowing its the outcome of the water will take in thinking its the most purest water not knowing that Natural water is the only purest water. 

Please my people, let's be very careful with the what we put inside our mouth not only water but all consumables things. 

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