“God Said Why Would You Have Children When You Made Somebody Else's Child Cry?”– Pastor Suleman

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Nigerian televangelist and general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International, Pastor Suleman, recently gave a chilling revelation on what he claimed was said by God as he preached a sermon to his congregation on the importance of being kind.

The controversial spiritual leader strongly emphasized on the importance of kindness to his members as he made some controversial statements.

Pastor Suleman Johnson:

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While preaching, Pastor Suleman Johnson narrated how Jesus Christ and Paul were well favoured for being kind. He also mentioned that one would go very far in life if he or she is kind.

However, Pastor Suleman Johnson revealed that God said that why would one have children if he or she has made somebody else's child cry after promising a marriage.

Read what Pastor Suleman Johnson said to his congregation during his sermon on kindness below.

“Stop being stingy, kindness will take you very far in life. Stop breaking people's heart, stop making people regret knowing you, stop making people cry when they think of you. The open doors that you hindered, God will make sure that you pay for it”.

“If anyone is crying because of you, you will cry. You broke a girl's heart, you promised her marriage, and you didn't marry her. Then, you'll go to God and ask why you don't have children in your marriage”.

“God said why would you have children when you made somebody else's child cry. Go and apologize to that person first before you come back to pray. Stop breaking people's heart and making peace with God meanwhile, those people are still alive”.

Source: Pastor Suleman Johnson.

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