DATE RUSH: I Love You, But I Don't Want to Marry a Male Nurse - Ruth


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Date Rush everyone deserves love but not everyone get love! Let's take it like that. 

But wait oo00 those guys who came on stage to find love and later walkout stage without a date, where are they going? 

The second guy Eugene a nurse by profession came on stage to get a Date, after his final profile video only two ladies have their rush on 'Joana and Cindy' already Ruth make it clear to him that, she 'Ruth' is a nurse and she don't want to marry a male nurse. But I know some couple that are both teachers. Is anything wrong with that? 

He put out a question to them, but before the question, he stated categorically that his question is very critical which may need a critical thinking. What!! do you think every lady is a nurse like you? Joana and Cindy image.

His question: what if we got married for years and later found out we can't bear a child, what would you do should I or you be the problem? 

Both ladies answers were very similar, they said, they will keep on praying to God to answer their prayers. 

Instead him to put off one rush, he put both rushes off saying he wasn't satisfied with their answers. 

Who else saw how Joana was affectionately coming to hug Eugene while Eugene was seriously going to off her rush... Gosh!! 

Finally both rushes were off Giovani gaped!! which of the ladies do you want? Giovani asked him. 

I wanted Bella and Bibi to put on their rush for me. He said. Jeezz!! 

He can't even choose one but two, can you imagine!! 

Bella too, said she doesn't want a guy that will ask for her opinion and still disagree with her. 

A professional nurse paaaa didn't get a Date!! 'Ewuradi'

Fans think the decision by Eugene to off both rushes has nothing to with their answer.