TSC's Monthly Report Reveals more on BoM Teachers

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The recent monthly report from TSC revealed that the current educational institutions majorly depends on teachers on BoM. The reports further stated that the fresh graduates are mostly absorbed to handle lessons meant for the senior teachers in the profession, as they sit to make stories or leave school for their personal errands. According to them, the BoM teachers are always committed to their work, and they greatly influence the extent to which schools perform not only in national exams, but also in internal assessments and other relevant competitive examinations.

The reports also suggested that BoM teachers usually carry more than the minimum number of 25 lessons a teacher should handle per week, and also have some extra lessons forcefully given by some senior teachers in the departments, which are not always timetabled. As further reported by the TSC's Director for Staffing, Ms Rita W. Wahome, at a the same meeting, she categorically highlighted that majority of BoM teachers employed to schools have the same subject combinations as those of headteachers and deputy headteachers.

And for that reason, they mainly handle extra lessons meant for their heads. According to Ms Wahome, teachers employed by TSC are encouraged to take the minimum number of lessons as required by the commission, regardless of how many BoM teachers with same combination are in the school.

Furthermore, the report suggested that since the introduction of unique, though helpful program of employing teachers on contractual terms; the intern teachers, their has been a decline in general schools performance in the last three years. The program has solely had a negative impact to the teachers on BoM terms, as it has claimed jobs of majority of teachers, rendering them jobless. The same has recorded an unusual performance in schools countrywide, something that has sparked question marks.

Nevertheless, the report clearly shows that the main pillar of the performance of schools in both curricular and co-curricular activities are the BoM teachers. But Ms Wahome left the participants with a staring question that, when such teachers get employed on permanent and pensionable terms, where do the earlier commitment go?

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