"Maajabu" Kakamega Farmer Blessed With A Calf Born With Two Legs, Scientists Explain How It Happened


The residents of kakamega county have been astonished after their cow gave birth to a calf with two legs. According to the locals they revealed that such abnormality is a curse to the society and the elders of that village must consult the ancestors so as to reconcile with the ancestral spirits.

However the scientist have explained such abnormality as a normal scenario which happens during the process of fertilization and abnormal DNA replication during formation of the foetus.

According to scientific explanation, the limbs may form abnormality before an animal is born. For example the bones of the forelimbs may be missing due to the genetic complications which are known as Chromosome Abnormalities.It is revealed that in other circumstances part or all of the forelegs (limbs) may be missing. However a normal development of the limb can also be disrupted during the time of pregnancy. In the amniotic band syndrome, the limbs usually develops abnormally when they are blocked or constricted by thin strands of the womb tissues from the amniotic sac (the sac which holds the amniotic fluid which is watery substance that surrounds the developing infant in the womb).

It has been revealed that the abnormalities of the limbs can be caused by infection or any teratogen (viruses) which the mother to the infant might have suffered during the period of pregnancy.

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