How Rivers State Could Tackle Flooding In Affected Communities

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Flooding is one of man's natural disasters in history, especially to those who live in the Riverine areas. Flooding can be life threatening, as the water level could drown its victims while trying to swing away for safety.

Apart from drowning its victims, it leads to the spreading of waterborne diseases such as Cholera. Flooding can also lead to food scarcity due to the spoilage of agricultural produce and death of farm animals.

However, there are measures taken to prevent the disaster. The State government, local government and the citizens all have roles to play in order to be safe from the dangers of flooding.

1. For the government, both the state and local levels have to construct water ways or channels for water to flow out of the communities into the big water bodies such as oceans and seas. But when they fail to do this, it becomes a problem to the residents.

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It is also the duty of the government to demolish houses, shops and other structures erected along the water ways. These structures prevent the free flow of water and so flood the environment.

Rivers State governor, is better known for his actions than words, demolition of structures blocking water ways won't be a problem to Governor Wike's administration.

2. The citizens are the cause of flooding most times, they fail to dispose their refuse properly, some dispose their wastes containing plastics and bags into water ways, knowing fully well, that non biodegradable materials are the wastes that block the free flow of water. Wastes should be disposed properly, not into water ways.

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3. Extra measures should be taken on monthly sanitation in the state, people don't come out for sanitation much unlike before. It is the duty of the government to enforce people to come out massively in order to carry out monthly sanitation properly. This will enable stagnant water to flow through.

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