Potholes In Ermelo South Africa That Are As Deep As A Swimming Pool Leaves Mzansi Talking

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South Africa, like any other country, has its own problems with how the government runs things. One of the main reasons why people are placed in power to be political leaders and to run a government that will be able to run a country's economy is so that it can be able to provide the citizens of a country with the necessary basic needs and service delivery.

Service delivery is a problem that many citizens of different countries have to deal with, but it seems like with developing nations it is far worse, to the point where communities struggle with getting something as important as freshwater, proper infrastructure, proper roads, and proper housing.

South Africans complain on a daily basis about the lack of service delivery in different communities and how it seems like the government only prioritises certain communities because, often times, they do not struggle with the basic things expected of them to receive from their municipalities. One of the main issues that South Africans are dealing with are potholes. The roads that motorists use are damaged, and this also affects the driving ability of motorists. It can also be one of the leading causes of accidents. 

Some of the potholes are so bad that they destroy motorists' vehicles, and this becomes another expense in their budget. The potholes are also evidence of how material that is not properly used to fix these roads gets damaged quickly. Mzansi was left talking after images of potholes that are as deep as a swimming pool were shared on social media. In the picture, a man is seen standing inside the pothole, and this is on a road that cars are expected to drive on.


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