Latest Opinion Poll Shows Gap Between Aspirants In Samburu Senate Race

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The latest opinion poll from Mizani Africa shows that at the moment, if elections happened in Samburu County, UDA Candidate Lelegwe Lumbesi would be elected with a support of 53.2 percent against jubilee Candidate Henry Gitonga Lengolos who has a support of 44.9 percent.

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This is clearly is the latest confirmation that UDA party support especially in Samburu County is overly solid despite Ruto's fallout with Uhuru Kenyatta. The deputy President William Ruto has heightened his activities in efforts to ensure he wins the support of the pastoralist communities.

This is just the clearest confirmation that UDA party is taking nothing to chance in efforts to win majority seats in the county. It's clear for one to govern effectively, they obviously need a majority in parliament.

This polls also come as good news to senator Lelegwe who has been at the forefront in the senate fighting for the agenda of the Samburu community. Lelegwe has been very vocal more so in defending the interest of his county of Samburu and that informs of why he has a favorable results after the opinion poll.

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