Why Will A Man Date A Lady For Years And End Ip Marrying Another?

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Why will a man date a lady for years and end up marrying another?

And why would a lady being dated for all those years pretnding to love you and end up saying that you're not her type?

Because the lady gave the man too much, such that the man nothing left to desire from the lady, By the way, dating for 4years shows lack of seriously. The one being dated is actually a preparatory of how to handle the wife whenever any dilemma arises... Just like the way john the baptist prepared the way for Jesus Christ it's also the same in this situation.

This is called the "art of exploration". Its not a crime, dive in, evaluate,skim in and out, scan and shine your eyes! Thats why is very good for a Man to date atleast 6 girls at the same time only to figured out the right women.

It's not time that counts in a relationship but character does, a man would be with you for 10 years but end up marrying someone he has only known for 3 months, Just like a man Will impregnate a woman but he wants to marry someone that is not having a child forgetting that he have destroy some one s life.

We met with my ex at shopping mall not even about 4years last week, I spread here still single and her I imagination that till end played that's part? We have a child together. I don't have his number on my phone. It's like saying I am still in a relationship because of the child let us stop using kids as an excuse. Ladies please.

You know what I just realized? God really talks to us about our partners but we choose to ignore his voice, we only want what satisfies us and not what’s meant for us, so we put in effort to things not meant for us. Sad reality, we end up miserable. That’s why it’s really important to pray to God and ask him to show you things, ask him to open your eye and surely you will realize what’s not meant for you will make you uncomfortable till it’s gone.

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