"Your Biggest Mistake Was to Chase Ruto From Jubilee," Uhuru Told


President Uhuru Kenyatta. [Source/JP]

President Uhuru Kenyatta is to blame for the heavy defeat his Jubilee Party suffered in the just concluded by-elections, a section of prominent personalities from Mt Kenya have said.

All Jubilee candidates emerged second in the three mini-polls which were conducted on Tuesday in Juja and Bonchari constituencies, and in Rurii ward, Nyandarua county.

Uhuru and Ruto. [Source/PSCU]

Political analyst Dan Nyaga said Jubilee could have easily won the by-elections had President Kenyatta not flushed his deputy William Ruto from the ruling party.

He said the fallout between Uhuru and his deputy weakened Jubilee as it happened when former Prime Minister Raila Odinga kicked Ruto out of ODM. 

Ruto and Raila. [Source/Zipo]

"The mistake which Jubilee did by chasing William Ruto out of it is the same mistake ODM did. Now the WORST is waiting that useless party called Jubilee 2022. ODM is expired, no need of even mentioning it," Nyaga tweeted on Wednesday.

Renowned university lecturer and blogger Mwalimu Joshua Njenga warned Mt Kenya politicians waiting for Uhuru's endorsement that they would be in deep shock since Kikuyus have taken a totally different political direction from that of their kingpin.

"If you are banking on Deep State and System to ascend to power, ask yourself: Where was Deep State and System when Jubilee lost a parliamentary seat in Uhuru's and Murathe's backyard? Mt. Kenya is saying, "We are not anyone's property or slaves!" Njenga tweeted.

Activist Ndung'u Wainaina. [Source/The Star]

Similar sentiments were echoed by outspoken human rights activist Ndung'u Wainaina who said Jubilee was dead in the Kikuyuland, adding those who will continue holding on to it were headed to political oblivion.

"Jubilee Party has run its course in Mt. Kenya Counties. It is dying a slow annihilation death. Anyone still stuck with it is no different from tick sticking in dead cow. The Party roaring is obliterated and its leadership is being dusted off. It is new entities and course," said Wainaina, the executive director, International Centre for Policy and Conflict.

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