MOH Delivers Major Announcement As Leaders Calls For Possible Lockdown


The ministry of health has been operating in a bid to contain Corona virus, the pandemic that has greatly hitted the country. The ministry has been greatly emphasizing on covid-19 containment measures including Maintaining of social distance, wearing of masks and regular wash of hands using hand sanitizer.

However, Kenya was Among the country that was privileged to get covid-19 vaccine in the first slot. As local newspaper Daily Nation on Saturday 22,may 2021 Reports, covid-19's second dose of vaccine will be administered next week. 

The ministry of health said that those Kenyans who received the first dose of covid-19 vaccine will get the second dose next week as and it has already arrived in Kenya. 

However, the leaders of the lake region has warned for the possible lockdown as the infections keeps rising. The government had suspended the Lockdown and cession of movement in counties of spot. Covid-19 in third wave of the pandemic tends to upsurge as cases escalates.