Why A Street In Nairobi Is Called Lt. Tumbo Avenue And The Beautiful Story Behind It


Lt. Tumbo Avenue is a street in Nairobi Kenya.

So before we know who was he let's begin with the history of the avenue.

Lt. Tumbo Avenue, previously General Smuts Avenue, is named after Lt. John Charles Tumbo Kalima, a Kenyan military officer who was killed in an ambush between Garissa and Wajir while fighting the Shifta rebellion.

General Smuts Avenue, which connects Harambee and Haile Selassie Avenues and crosses the KRA building and the Central Bank of Kenya, was named after the head of apartheid South Africa in the early twentieth century.

During WW1, General Smuts dispatched troops to East Africa to assist the British in fighting the Germans in Tanganyika.

General Smuts Avenue was later renamed Lt. Tumbo Avenue.

Lt. Tumbo was a Kenya Army officer killed in battle during Kenya's Shifta war in the 1960s, in case you were wondering.

Lt. Tumbo Avenue was renamed General Smuts Avenue after him.

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