No Kangogo Mistaken Identity as Chemutai's Mother Discloses What Her Daughter Was Doing in Kiminini


A middle aged woman Phanice Chemutai, 20 who was shot in the lower abdomen on claims that she was a fugitive cop Carolyn Kagongo has opened up on the activities that happened on the fateful day.

Earlier claims indicated that business man Muyundo shot Chemutai after she insisted on meeting him through a phone conversation. Chemutai has come clean to rubbish the claims saying that Muyundo shot her after she refused his advances, she had not met Muyundo before.

While speaking to Nation Africa, Chemutai's mother who stays at kaboiywo Kiptama location says that she had sent her daughter to Kitale town to fetch a birth certificate for one of her siblings. Chemutai overstayed and called her in the evening saying that she would not be able to travel back home because of the curfew.

She sent Chemutai some money to book a hotel room in Kiminini for the night and buy some food. Chemutai on the other hand claims that she a booked a room in the evening but forgot to buy some food for supper.

When she went outside to buy something for her stomach, she saw a Toyota Prado parked outside the hotel. There was a man standing by it ( Muyundo) who requested to know her more. Chemutai turned down the request but Muyundo insisted on getting her number.

Chemutai refused to speak to Muyundo and proceeded on her business. When she was returning back to her room, Muyundo kept on looking at her. She informed the caretaker of the hotel who they came out together to see the stranger.

A suspicious Muyundo took out KES 1,000 note from his pocket and gave the caretaker to mind her own business. It is during this time that Muyundo took out his gun and shot Chemutai in the lower abdomen.

Chemutai who was speaking to Nation Africa on a hospital bed want the police to step up investigations and bring the suspect to book.

The DailyOnlinePunch has also learnt that there was no police trap set up by Muyundo as communicated earlier.