Caiphus seeks for his justice this week on Scandal but money is a huge problem

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The situation is starting to be tense for Caiphus on Scandal this week because he is going all out to seek justice after he was sentenced to prison 6 months ago, which has caused a huge blow for both families and the Kubhekas have offered huge money to Caiphus to take the fall.

But it's still early to judge if Caiphus will walk out from jail as the free man because he will be looking to go to court and clear his name and this time things might be difficult for the Khubhekas.

After all, they have been trying to hide this as a secret for years which has become a huge problem.

But there's a huge possibility that he might get out of jail soon if he manages to pay his lawyers on Time, so that they can represent him in court in the coming weeks because he wants to spend time with his family.

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