Shatta Wale makes a bold prediction on where fast rising Kumerica artists will be in 10 years time

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Shatta Wale seems to be fond of Kumerica artists as he has constantly talked about them recently. Since his collaboration with some of Kumerican fast rising artists to produce the single "Las vegas", the danceall King seems really impressed with their verses on the much talked about song.

Kumericans have speed up their game and numerous super talented artists including Amerado, Kweku flick, Ypee, Yaw Tog, etc. have joined the likes of Strongman, Flowking Stone and others and they were very impressive in the year 2020.

Via his twitter handle, the already featured artist heaped praises on the Kumerican artists and predicted where they will be in ten years time.

Take a look at how impressed Shatta Wale praised Kumerica artists.

He wrote, "Thank you Kumerica, thank you Ashanti music awards, thank you to every artist in kemerica. In the next 10 years this music industry will understand about Kumerica becoming our main entertainment hub, that time I will be a trillionaire supporting supporting who we got to support "

I think some of the big names in the music industry have already been threatened by the Kumerican hiphop style of music. The brand is unmatched and gifted artist keep popping up day in and day out. Shatta Wale has made his prediction but I think Kumericans are already taking over the music industry and very soon all attention will be shifted to them.

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