Four things you must never do no matter the situation you are in


Life is full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness but there are always people who believe in values and principles and as a matter of fact everyone one should be able to have and set standards in life otherwise we will be easily swayed by whatever we see be it positive or negative.

We are going to look at four things we must never do no matter the situation or where we find ourselves.

1.Do not envy the life of others.

In other words do not be jealous or envious of your friends achievement. You may never know how he or she got that and sometimes it is best if you never know but rather Concentrate on your future and your own betterment. Whatever you have now should give you a reason to fight hard to also achieve your purpose for life.

2. You must never ignore and reject the advice of good people. Sometimes we tend to go wayward in life consciously or unconsciously and it is this people that put us on the right track .If no one in your life can give you advice then you are actually doomed because no one can correct you.This mostly happens to people who feel too big to be corrected and they always regret later.

3. Not learning from your past mistakes.

In this life no matter who you are mistakes are bound to happen even when you don't want it. Its all part of the growing process in life. The problem is not the mistakes but what we do after the mistakes. Do we learn from the mistakes or just ignore them. Our mistakes must be able to help is improve in life and strengthen us as well.

4. We must never reject God.

Now listen never think that you do not need God in your life .It is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. When we go through certain things we should not conclude hastily that God does not love us because the plan of God is different from our own plans and therefore we must be patient enough to hold unto God no matter what and where we find ourselves.

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