Nov 17: Taurus horoscope for today

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Dear Taurus, today you can shape any creative or communication project. You are more focused and ready to put in the effort needed to progress. There is a sense of “back to business” for the day, and long term results are an important and motivating goal. If you are motivated enough, working together today can be a positive goal.

The movement of the moon towards your soul field reminds you of the need to expand your horizons, if only at a mental level, in order to learn new things. You want more light and space on an emotional level. Time spent in creative and expressive activities or in hobbies can give a feeling of healing.

Do you need a break, Taurus? Today's tension between talkative Mercury and shock athlete Uranus will test your patience. They have very little tolerance for the immaturity or lack of credibility of others.

Your gut reaction may take matters into your own hands and do it all yourself, but you don't have to do it yourself, Bull. Instead, acknowledge the shortcomings of others by reminding yourself that, like you, they are just human beings. are. Chances are, you have no idea how your behavior is affecting you.

Today, your health can be a problem. They all worked long hours and slept fewer hours. Take a break and fall asleep if you can. Eat a healthy breakfast. Make sure you get a good walk or some other type of exercise. And emotionally, you may need some of your chest back before the day is over. Talk to an inconsistent person and solve a persistent problem.

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