Why Increasing Rent For Civil Servants And Teachers Is Not Well Timed (Opinion).


Teachers and Civil Servants that live in government houses stare at a possible hike in rent should recommendations by the auditor general are considered.

The auditor general argues that the move is aimed at matching the rent income received by the government with the current market rates.

The norminal rent paid by public Officers in Kenya has remained unchanged for many years.

Nevertheless, the timing of the Increment is poor given alot of challenges civil servants and teachers are facing currently.

One, the introduction of provident fund reduced the public Officers' disposal income by a margin.

Provident fund will be implemented in three phases at the rate of 2.5% for each phase with the next phase due for January next year.

Two, withdrawal of tax reliefs introduced by government last year to cushion officers against covid-19 pandemic economic slump reduced the net pay hence lowering the quality of life.

Three, the move by Salaries and remuneration Commission to freeze Payrise for two years will condemn the poorly paid junior civil servants and Classroom teachers to a life of penury.

In view of the above, the auditor general's advise should be shelved until such a time when the economy would have improved.

Otherwise, life is going to get more difficult for government workers who offer essential services.

What are your views on this? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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