5 Nutritions For HiV/Aids Patients

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In the same way that type 2 diabetes patients have to monitor what they eat, HIV/AIDS patients have to do the same thing. As an example, people with HIV are advised to avoid raw eggs, undercooked meat, dairy products, and sugary beverages.

As long as they take proper care of their health, HIV patients can have normal lives as long as they eat foods that improve their immune systems. Keep reading because I'll be discussing several foods that HIV sufferers need to eat frequently to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cooked Eggs, either fried or raw


Three (3) chickens

Leafy Greens (4).

(5) Seafood

Vitamin A and beta carotene in the above foods aid in the repair of damaged cells in the body. In order to maintain a strong immune system, HIV/AIDS patients should eat foods high in vitamin C, such as oranges, frequently.

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