The Relevance Of Prophet Jeremiah Suffering And Lamentations To Christians Today

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Prophet Jeremiah acted as a watchman to the people of Israel. His main role was to reveal God's prophecies, by interpreting them to the people of Israel. Even though he acted as a watchman to the people of Israel for more than 40 years. His ministry was not a walk in the park. We learn about Prophet Jeremiah Lamentations in the bible. His Lamentations has relevance to Christians in the following ways;

1. Christians should be ready to suffer For Christ

Christians should be ready to suffer For the gospel of Christ. Prophet Jeremiah was dedicated to God's will and he was ready to suffer For him.

2. God uses Christians to reveal his message

Prophet Jeremiah was picked by God to reveal his plans for the people of Israel. This was done through various symbolic acts such as the fine linen and the visit to the Potter. This was to make Israel understand God's plans for them.

3. Christians should not be discouraged to work for Christ

Prophet Jeremiah lamented to God, how he could not start his own family. And life was extremely difficult for him. But nevertheless he persevered and continued preached God's message.

4. Christians should be faithful in God always

Despite the hardships and Lamentations that Prophet Jeremiah faced. He did not forsake the lord. Instead it strengthened his faith and continued putting more trust in the Lord. No matter the hardships that Christians face. They should continue trusting God.

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