Raila Odinga's Speech in Nakuru Today That Touched On An Array Of Issues -Video

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Raila Odinga today made a 19 minutes speech in Nakuru in an event that was attended by among other leaders the area governor and senator. In his speech, Raila touched on an array of issues including the current political inclinations and happenings saying that it was democracy.

Raila Addressing the Crowd

When Raila stood to speak, the crowd was excited when he opened his mouth to speak. He warned the youths from the area not to be easily swayed by the politicians who have immersed wealth across the nation but are quick to inform them that the wheelbarrow is the solution to the unemployed youths in the country.

Lee Kinyanjui addressing the residents

Raila got huge backing from the Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui who reiterated that the region was a Raila Odinga turf and that Ruto will have a hard time trying to convince the region to vote for him in the next polls.

You can watch Raila’s speech here and Lee Kinyanjui’s here

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