People react as Reno Omokri reveals his source of wealth

Nigerians have taken to their respective social media accounts and reacted after Reno Omokri revealed this source of wealth. The Nigerian politician stated this via his recent tweet on his Twitter account.

Sharing his tweet, Reno made people under that writing is his source of wealth, and he has sold thousands of books. He said any wealth that does not have a source should not be the source of praise, admiration and imitation.

Reno also used the same opportunity and dropped a strong message for his fans. He told them that it is not all wealth that is good for their health.

He wrote:

"I sell thousands of books annually. That is the source of my income. Writing. Any wealth that doesn’t have a source should not be the source of praise, admiration and imitation. Not all wealth is good for your health".

The tweet dropped by Reno Omokri gained the attention of social media users who came across it. Those who reacted asked him if people doubted his source of wealth. They said anybody who is doing that is just knowing Reno because he is a great author.

However, others agreed with what Reno said about wealth. They added that any wealth that can not be traceable is detrimental. See more reactions below.

Reno is among Nigerians who are hailed daily on social media because of their undiluted wisdom. He is known for dropping quotes that will teach and guide his followers via everything they need to know about life.

What do you have to say as Reno Omokri revealed his source of wealth? Kindly use the comment box and air your views. Feel free to like and share this post.

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