The big fight: The fight against "GALAMSEY"


The big fight has been ingoing for a while now has not yet declared it winner. Galamsey is the popular name for illegal mining which has lead to the contamination of many water bodies which is been used by humans and other organisms to be able to live.

Now because of greedy ness people use some scrabs to mine on the surface of the water bodies.

In 2017, the government placed an indefinite ban on small-scale mining activities in its quest to find a solution to the illegal mining scourge.

This was met with heavy resistance by duly registered small-scale miners. Successive governments, specifically over the last two decades, have made efforts to clamp down on the menace, but it is clear that illegal miners have a stronger will and have become more creative in sustaining their activities.

The Minister should have rather asked the Chinese ambassador to warn its citizens about the fact that the security agencies of the country will enforce all the mining laws and any Chinese national who is found culpable will be dealt with according to the laws of Ghana. Mr. Minister, we are sitting on a time bomb, we don’t have the leisure of time to waste! The time of diplomacy in solving this galamsey menace is over! It is time to take action to save our future generation.

It maybe that Ghana is in a huge dept with the Chinese that's why he can't tell the ambassador to warn his citizens

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