GMB 2021 semi finals: Kwansema goes home as Wedaga wins double

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Sunday, 19th September 2021

The arguably most watched TV reality show, Ghana's Most Beautiful on TV3 has reached its semi finals today, thus the last eviction night. After tonight show, the remaining six contestants will go to the grand finale on 3rd October. But before that, they will use the last but one night thus 26th September to discuss about their projects.

This night was on tourism and Hon. Catherine Afeku Agbelema, former tourism minister served as guest judge. The night was "an interesting night" as quoted by Dzigbordi Kwaku Dosoo. It is a night the ladies had to showcase tourism attractions in their respective regions. Begining from Safoa of Ashanti region to Kwansema of the Central region, all the seven ladies did explicitly well to convince both the audience and judges.

However, Safoa did not have her night. She was found fambling on stage as she forgot some lines during delivery. Fortunately for her she was saved from eviction because she had the highest votes of the night.

At the end of the show, Wedaga of the Upper East region was for the first time adjuged both most eloquent and star performer. This was the first time one contestant was winning two awards on a stage. Akosua of Oti region won the best costume awards.

Surprisingly, Kwansema of the Central region was sadly evicted on the last eviction night. Her eviction saddened some audience as they could not believe one of the best contestants going home at the semi finals.

This has left Mfodwo of Bono East region, Safoa of Ashanti region, Setor of Volta region, Akosua of Oti region, Manu of Western region and Wedaga of Upper East region going to the grand finale.

CitizenOne shall once again discuss further about the finalists. We will also discuss more about the eviction of Kwansema which has already generated a lot of controversy. Follow me to receive alerts on those topics.

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