Why don’t banks and banking apps have a Distress PIN?

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"Ok I’m saying this again. Why don’t banks and banking apps have a Distress PIN? If you’re being forced to draw/transfer money, use a PIN that shows a small amount that you can withdraw or transfer and simultaneously cancels accounts and alerts authorities. Is this not logical?" This was tweeted by a user on Twitter, and I thought it was a good idea as many might face the same problem should they get hijacked.

You really don't want to upset your attacker. If they suspect you are trying to fool them, it might just cost you alot more than the money you are trying to protect.

ATMs do. Enter the numbers of your PIN in reverse If ur is 2022 enter 2202

While you are still waiting on that , alternatively what I do is open an inner savings account, usually free and funds always available with most banks , Always keep smaller amounts in main account and rest in that savings account pocket , when I need to use I just transfer.

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