"You Think Mombasa Is Central?" UDA Senator Finds Himself In Trouble After Attacking Joho


The hustler nation ally senator Aaron Cheruiyot launched an attack on Mombasa governor which bounced back to him as netizens came out to defend governor Joho. Senator Cheruiyot posted that he was looking for few hustlers from Mombasa as he had a quick hustle for them. The hustle was to show governor Ali Hassan Joho how to utilize locally available materials and teach him on the concept of symbolism.

He went further to say that if the concept will be difficult for the governor to understand, the he shall pay Ali Kiba to explain it in a song. Kenyans seems not be happy about this as they ganged against senator making it clear that governor Joho has done great job in Mombasa than even the Kericho governor where the senator comes from.

Some of the residents who seemed to be from Mombasa went to extent of saying that Mombasa is not like the central Kenya where the hustler nation movement managed to win easily. On the other hand, Kenyans felt that the hustler nation should push for policies and stop the idea of giving Kenyans cheap tokens just to win them.

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