Checkout What Happens During Fresher's and Cultural Nights at the University


University memories are always so sweet, at this time,one has the freedom to make every decision. Each and everyday, you are the one to plan how you will spend your day. This the time one makes a chance to interact with so many from different parts of the country. Most people also get chance to makes many friends and to start relationship that lead to marriage. Campus life is always good if you are responsible enough because this is the time some students end up messing up with their future.Fresher's night is one of the famous day at the campus where so many students are so eager to celebrate. This is an entertainment night which is planed by the student leaders with the partnership with the administration. This days is planed once in a year just after the administration of new first years.This night, students are given a chance to interact and enjoy themselves by dancing and comedy presentations.

Same case also happens on the cultural day, students are given a chance to show and enjoy their talents. If you have love for modeling, this ussualy your day. Some universities get to a point of hiring some comedians and artists who make the day more memorable. First years students are given a chance to share their views about the new campus life and also to show their different talents.Some universities also hold modeling contests during this day.

Before this great day, so many students always practice and rehearse waiting for this wonderful day. Students from all parts of the country are given a chance to represent their cultural practices and songs.By doing this one is able to learn and enjoy so many other cultures similar or not similar to the one he or she has grown practicing. Some universities always need this night to have some restriction to avoid bad behaviors that may lead to damage in school.

Maturity can be measured by how you act or live in campus when no one is there to monitor you. There are so many negative of this freedom to students who are not cautious. Some end up in drugs or bad companies that interrupts one education and future plan. As a parent it is always wise to give some advice to your youthful son or daughter in the university.

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